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Listen-2-Review - Sunsets at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Summers at Seaside, #4) by Addison Cole Narrator Melissa Moran

Sunsets at Seaside
Sweet with Heat: Summers at Seaside, #4
37871951by Addison Cole
Narrator Melissa Moran
Listening 8 hrs 24 mins

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . Sunsets at Seasides (Sweet with Heat: Summer at Seaside, #4) . . . Clean sweet and summer beach reading worthy . . .
The flow of the narration was what I loved most. I could keep up with the characters through the beautiful way in which Melissa did transition and cadence flow. The audio was smooth and clear.

The read was sweet, loving, enjoyable, with all the characters that lends themselves to developing a beautiful relationship filled with passion. Jessica and Jamie both came to find something they felt they were missing in their everyday lives. This read proves to you that you can get a romance that fills you up without the explicit sexuality and language.

We get to watch as Jessica and Jamie build their romance from the bottom up. There are trying times with an overbearing mother, interesting grandmother, interfering friend, and a number of other characters that makes this a beautiful summer read.

One simple incident leads to a happy meeting, leads to undeniable chemistry, leads to a chance to live life and experience new things. Jessica discoveries there’s so much more to the world around her than the dictates of her mother, her career, and practice.

If you are looking for a romance that makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face, gives you a dream of something different, ignites passion, chemistry, and even makes you laugh out loud. Then I would most certainly suggest you pick up a copy of Sunsets at Seaside. Jessica and Jamie will give you a read to make your afternoon that much brighter.

Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers features a group of fun, flirty, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They’re sassy, flawed, and so easy to relate to, you’ll be begging to enter their circle of friends!

​Jessica Ayers has lived a sheltered life with little more than cello lessons and practices taking up her day. Now a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, she escapes the prim and proper symphony to vacation in the Seaside community in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, to determine if she is living life to the fullest or missing it altogether.

For the first time since developing the second largest search engine in the world, billionaire Jamie Reed is taking the summer off. He plans to work from the Cape and spend time with his elderly grandmother—and falling in love is not in his plans.

From the moment Jamie and Jessica meet, the attraction is white-hot. Once-overly-focused Jamie can think of little else than sweet, smart, and alluring Jessica, and Jessica discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. But when Jamie’s business encounters trouble and his attorney and best friend intervenes, he proves that the brown-haired beauty is too distracting for Jamie. To make matters worse, it appears that Jessica might not be who she says she is, turning Jamie’s life—and his heart—upside down. In a world where personal information is always one click away, Jamie must decide if he should trust his heart or watch the woman he loves walk away.

Read, Write, Love at Seaside
Dreaming at Seaside
Hearts at Seaside
Sunsets at Seaside
Secrets at Seaside
Nights at Seaside
Seized by Love at Seaside
Embraced at Seaside
Lovers at Seaside
Whispers at Seaside


Sweet with Heat books are the sweet editions of the Love in Bloom steamy romance novels by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. Sweet with Heat books convey all of the passion you expect between two people in love, without any explicit scenes or harsh language. 

Author Info
Addison Cole is the sweet alter ego of New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster. She writes humorous and emotional sweet contemporary romance. Her books do not include explicit sex scenes or harsh language. Addison spends her summers on Cape Cod, where she dreams up wonderful love stories in her house overlooking Cape Cod Bay.

Addison is proud to be part of the Main Street Romance family, a partnership with bestselling authors Nancy Naigle, RaeAnne Thayne, and Chris Keniston, bringing sweet happy-ever-after love stories to the Main Street Romance community. Join them at ~ open 24/7 just for you.

Addison enjoys discussing her books with book clubs and reader groups and welcomes an invitation to your event.

Addison’s books are available in paperback, digital, and audio formats.

"Addison Cole's stories are the perfect blend of sizzle and sweet. You won't be able to stop reading."​ - ​New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne

"Romance, fun, emotions, and happily ever afters that will warm your heart, Addison Cole writes charming and unforgettable stories about real people and love in its most wonderfully moving forms." - New York Times bestselling author Violet Duke

"Addison Cole has created characters you'll fall in love with and a seaside world you'll never want to leave." USA Today bestselling author Chris Keniston 

"An absolute treat to read and cannot wait for more from Addison Cole." ~ New York Times bestselling author Sawyer Bennett (aka Juliette Poe, on "Read, Write, Love at Seaside")

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Read-2-Review - Brett (Bad Boys After Dark, #4) by Melissa Foster

Bad Boys After Dark #4
Release Date: March 21st 2018
World Literary Press

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . BRETT (Bad Boys After Dark, #4) . . . The last of the Bad brothers gives us something more to talk about. These Bad Brothers have not let me down or stirred me wrong. I loved there dirty, sexy, alpha and their fierceness, loyalty, and unity brings to them the perfect complement to them even when they were not ready for her. Sophie was the sweet one, she was the quite one, she was the one that Brett needed and didn’t even know it. She was willing to through caution to the wind for one bad Bad brother. Sophie brought with her on this ride her family and friends. They were great secondary characters adding some fun, laughs, and interest. These romance are sweet, heartwarming and give a sense of familiarity. I loved feeing connected to new/old characters.

Melissa Foster brings her alpha, sexy billionaire brothers to life with more pizzazz and commitment. She provides a vivid trek in to the world of romance, glitz, glamor and more with the Bad Brothers.

Indulge your inner vixen with these sexy billionaires!

Meet the Bad Boys... Four fiercely loyal, sinfully sexy, uber alpha brothers, about to fall head over heels for their leading ladies.

Everything's naughtier after dark...

Billionaire security expert Brett Bad has had his eye on his brother’s gorgeous legal assistant, Sophie Roberts, for years. He wants nothing more from her than a single night between the sheets to satisfy his desires. But Sophie is a white-picket-fence girl, and she’s turned him down more times than he cares to count.

Sophie is all about forever kisses and happily ever afters. But she can’t deny her attraction to Brett, as enticed by his bad-boy behavior as she is by his devastating looks and his painful past, which she’d like to help heal.

When Sophie’s friend urges her to throw caution to the wind, Sophie leaves the door to her heart ajar—and Brett charges in. But this Bad boy doesn’t know a thing about romance and has no interest in forever, forcing Sophie to make her toughest decision yet—follow her heart or protect it?

Read the entire BAD BILLIONAIRES AFTER DARK series
Bad Boys After Dark: Mick
Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan
Bad Boys After Dark: Carson
Bad Boys After Dark: Brett

Wild Boys After Dark: Logan
Wild Boys After Dark: Heath
Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson
Wild Boys After Dark: Cooper

The BAD BILLIONAIRES AFTER DARK series is part of the LOVE IN BLOOM big family romance collection. Each book may be read as a stand-alone novel, or as part of the series.

Author Info
Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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LISTEN-2-REVIEW - Enthrall Climax (Enthrall Sessions, #8) by Vanessa Fewings

Enthrall Climax audiobook cover artEnthrall Climax
Enthrall Sessions, #8
by Vanessa Fewings
Release Date: February 12th 2018
Cover Designer: Buoni Amici Press
Genre: Erotic Romance

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . ENTHRALL CLIMAX (Enthrall Sessions, #8) . . . you will be taken on one erotic ride that will take to the height of pleasure, passion, desire, danger, romance, more. Read them all for the maximum affect. Mia and Cameron have been through so much to get to this point. The was the final conclusion that will give you satisfaction that it was more than just a fairytale. Life takes place behind these words and Mia and Cameron have to make it to the end to get what they have worked so hard to hold on to. 

Narration took things over the top of carnal ecstasy.  Having two powerhouses (Ava Erickson & Sebastian York) in romance lend their voices to this erotic journey was wonderful. This was involved, intriguing, alluring, tantalizing all encompassing the senses. The voicing, pacing, and sound quality were all in place to invite you in to experience the whole package.

Enthrall Sessions series:
Enthrall – Enthrall Sessions, #1
Enthrall Her – Enthrall Sessions, #2
Enthrall Him – Enthrall Sessions, #3
Cameron’s Control – Enthrall Sessions, #4
Cameron’s Contract – Enthrall Sessions, #5
Enthrall Richard’s Reign – Enthrall Sessions, #6
Enthrall Secrets – Enthrall Sessions, #7
Enthrall Climax – Enthrall Sessions, #8
The strikingly dominant Cameron Cole and his beloved Mia Lauren return for the eagerly anticipated finale of the erotic romance series by USA TODAY bestselling author Vanessa Fewings.

The romance has never been hotter. The danger has never been higher.
Mia Lauren is set to become the wife of powerful billionaire Cameron Cole. A lifetime of realized dreams and fulfilled desires lay ahead...but their entire world is about to come crashing down.

An intimate betrayal fractures Cameron’s empire, springing forth new threats from every direction. Everything is at risk. Everyone is in danger. Before Mia and Cameron can relish the rewards of the journey, they must survive its climax.

Some passions live forever.

This isn't the end. This is the climax.

ENTHRALL CLIMAX is the final novel of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS, the bestselling erotic romance series by Vanessa Fewings.

**Mature Audiences only **Contains dark themes and explicit content.**

Amazon: Vanessa Fewings is the USA TODAY bestselling author of the ENTHRALL SESSIONS. THE CHASE is the first in her sizzling new romantic trilogy from HQN Books followed by THE GAME. The third book in the series THE PRIZE will be released in June 2018. Prior to publishing, Vanessa worked as a registered nurse and midwife. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has traveled extensively throughout the world and has lived in Great Britain, Germany, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the USA. Born and raised in England, Vanessa now proudly calls herself an American and resides in California with her husband.

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LISTENT-2-REVIEW - Soul Bound: The Warrior by Jas T. Ward Narrator Edward Mittelstedt

Soul Bound: The Warrior

Listening Length 8 hrs 46 mins 

Jace Camden is haunted by his past. One that has many believing he got away with murder. He's run from it, trying to start over in a new town. But his past hasn't let him escape and it's determined that his future will not be a long one.
Death will demand its due.
And his dead wife will make sure that debt is paid in full.

Kitt Thomas' life is in a rut, but that changed when she looked into the sad, haunted, eyes of Jace Camden. Something about his wounded soul called to her--like a whisper of a melody in a mysterious abyss she should have the sense to ignore.
But his past will make sure Kitt is no more part of Jace's future than life is.

Because he's soul bound.
And that's a shackle that can only be broken by death.

It’s Not About the Happily Ever After…
It’s About Surviving the Read

From Amazon Bestselling Author, Jas T. Ward
Comes the highly anticipated first book in the Soul Bound Series

Soul Bound: The Warrior

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . SOUL BOUND: The Warrior . . . Jace did not have much left in his life. The one woman he loved was gone. The business he world so hard to grown was being attacked. The life he build was all crumbling. Years later he finds that life still keeps handing him lemons. The harder he tries to make lemonade the more things seem to sour. That was until he finds something more to live for and fight for. 

Kitt finds that her life has come down to the here and now. Taking a chance on a date for a friends. She finds that she has a connection to the man with the soulful eyes. There was just something about him. Something that had her taking a chance. 

This was not your typical PNR. This was more. This was so much more. There are things in this world we just can't simply explain. The pages of life and death have never been so bound as they are here. Jace finds that his life has never really been his own. He finds that there was more to who he is then what was presented on the outside. He finds that in order to live life he has to die. This takes him on more than a journey. This takes him on a life changing spin about the realms. 

I wanted so much to give this one a big set of stars but I found that I had too many unanswered questions and an ending that showed me not hint of how soon it will be resolved. 

Narrator review was good but not good. I wanted so much for the males to sound and feel more masculine. There were some good moments. The women had good voice, pitch, diction and distinction. I was looking for more richness from the various males featured. The audio was good, clean and clear and able to keep up with speed changes. 

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Read-2-Review - Lovestruck (The Donovans, #6) by Nana Malone

Publishing Date: February 7th 2018
Publisher: Sankofa Girl

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . LOVESTRUCK (The Donovans, #6) . . . I started this journey with the Donovans back a few years. I found it easy to fall in love with all the siblings and their own brand of quirk. Each with their own distinctive personalities. Each having that thing they did and made them who they were. I was able to fall in love with them for different reasons and in different ways. Although each coupling had a different journey to take they all had a story to tell from the beginning with Delilah & Nate, to Mia & Ryan, to Derek & Kisima, to Dylan & Serafina, and Jezebel & Logan. Which brings us to Zephyr & Malia. I went in to this read expecting much. The little things that I have gather on Zephyr over the course of this series had me wanting him to find his footing and make his claim.

Zephyr finds that life is not always kind, gentle or easy to navigate. He gets this chance to make his future something more than his past has been. His future looking bright. He attends a business function. There he meets and incredible woman that he finds he is attracted to, but of course it could not be that simple when it comes to Zephyr.

Malia was hardworking, self-reliant, fiercely protective of her little sister, currently homeless and looking for a way to work and have a home. She finds herself at a student/faculty function trying to resolve her homeless issue. There she meets a man that she would like to get to know better.

Both knowing that there could be no future once they discover that they each are on the opposite sides of the divide.

Things move along (at a slow pace) but we find that there was much to both Zephry and Malia. They find more common grounds and ways to explore. There seems to always be an obstacle presented. It was watching it all unfold that gave this story its backbone.

The writing was good. The characters were every present and evolving. It was like watching your friends find their way. Nana Malone has created a family that grows on you and with your. They have their own lives and make a way to support each other.

I enjoyed the entire read, but was expecting something more for Zephry. He had been through a lot. It was his chance to shine bright.

The Donovans series:
Come Home Again – The Donovans, #1
Love Reality – The Donovans, #2
Race for Love – The Donovans, #3
Love in Plain Sight – The Donovans, #4
Eye of the Beholder – The Donovans, #5
Lovestruck – The Donovans, #6

Just call him a rule breaker…

Zephyr Donovan knew the sacred rule. Never date a student. With the demons in his past, all he wanted was a fresh start. He wasn’t looking for trouble. But trouble tasted so damn good.

There are reasons for the rules… 

Malia Adams had a complicated life. Well, actually it was pretty simple. Survive. Stay off the streets by any means necessary. And that was a nightly struggle. She didn’t have time to get involved with anyone.

Especially not the one person she can’t have.

All he needs to do is stay away. All she needs to do is forget him. Too bad that was all easier said than done. 

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READ-2-REVIEW - River (A Stranger in the Woods, #2) by India R. Adams

A Stranger in the Woods, #2

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . RIVER (A Stranger in the Woods, #2) . . . The complexities of elves and humans as well as the rest of the other world comes out in a deeper force with this second installment in A Stranger in the Woods series. I fell in love with Rose, Gunner, Ryder, and even Storm in book one. I followed as the ups and downs of it all came out to make me feel deeper vested in their relationships. I followed even further as things became a nightmare for Rose and a game to be played for others. The intensity still there. The allure of the other has increased. I found that I still had an emotional ride.  We find that we pick right up at the end of book one, Rain, of this series. I highly suggest that you read book one. It will intensify your connection to the characters, the plotline, the mission, the prophecy.

It had been a while since I had read book one, so of course being who I am, I went back and read it again. This time I did not use the author gifted copy. I went and got my own copy and have highlight so much, beside the point. I think that I loved it even more the second time around. I found things in it that I could not remember from the first time. This made me very happy that I went back to re-read it. I started book two, River, with so much expectation and excitement. I was not disappointed. I have a better view of the characters that captured my heart with one small addition, Rain. Hope and excited built within me as I read the prologue. This makes me hope for something I dare not mention aloud.

The writing is fantastic, the world building appealing, the characters rich and inviting, the intrigue and suspense gripping, the pacing well set and complementary of the flow of the story. I found that this was more than just imagination inducing, it’s a sensory experience. I ran a gambit of emotions while reading and digest it all. There was an element of extra depth added to this from the first read, but it was that extra element that took it over to a new level of reading experience. I am looking forward to the next installment to be just as captivating and intense.

I may have received my initial look at River via author free read. I purchased it because it was an excellent follow up to Rain.

Before this series, I had not had the opportunity to get familiar with India’s work. I am so happy that I have. I have come to love a new series and a new author.

A Stranger in the Woods series:
Rain – A Stranger in the Woods, #1
River – A Stranger in the Woods, #2
Mist – A Stranger in the Woods, #3 Coming

He wipes blood from his mouth with his bare arms. "I need you to hold still so I don't feel the need to chase and conquer. Do you understand?"
I feel his breath on my skin. "My chances if I run?"

I had wondered if I would be strong enough to love Ryder, my stranger from the woods. I learned that I was—still am. But now Ryder, Gunner and I have a young together, Rain, the Princess go the Guardian Warriors. And a very powerful being, King of the Shadow Clones, wants her dead. The only time I ever saw King was in the dream where forced a kiss on me, sending me into labor. Yes, I learned I was strong enough to love Ryder, but with a new stranger in the woods, will he be strong enough to love me?

Author, India R. Adams, blurs the lines between "good" and "evil, between "black" and "white", and shows us the beautiful spectrum on the gray tones. She will make you fall for those darker shades of gray, as well as the lighter ones. She shows us the importance of the balance, and of nature. She shows us the complexity of "human" nature and humans in general... and well elves too. She shows us that every action has immeasurable consequences, and that sometimes certain outcomes are unavoidable. The spiritual undertone in this book is beautiful. —Blogger, The Reading Cat

Rain (A Stranger in the Woods, #1) 

What if you knew you had just met the other part of your soul—the one who could take away all the pain and loneliness—but no one believes you because the rugged stranger from the woods is nowhere to be found? Would you search for him? Would you be strong enough to believe he exist somewhere out in the darkness where he found you? And if you were to finally find the stranger from the woods and learn he is like no other tale that has ever been told… would you still have the courage to love him?

Rose has no time for romance because her father has passed away from an illness plaguing her small town, and now her mother has also contracted the illness, leaving Rose’s two younger siblings to be her responsibility. But when her best friend forces her to be young for a night and celebrate her twentieth birthday with a bonfire and friends, Rose meets a stranger from the woods, and Rose soon learns he is no stranger at all. In fact, this magical being is trying to keep her… alive.

Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more...

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . RIVER ( A Stranger in the Woods, #1) . . . I would turn over the world to find this one person/entity/being that could take the pain away and remove all loneliness from my life. I would not care if other believed. But at what price will this all come. Sometime that unknown is the key and the known is the lock that binds. Triangles can come full circle and change everything.

Rose has her hands full and life just keeps moving on for her. I found that small town life has its advantages. The disadvantages are just a given. There was a mystery for Rose to discover or should I say uncover. Where will it all lead?

Fresh characters, small town vibe with a fantasy attached to the woods. I would love to see what comes next out of the woods. I believe that India R.Adams have acquired herself a new reader.

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HOLIDAY Read-2-Review - Brother's Best Friend for Christmas by Amy Brent

36606261Brother’s Best Friend for Christmas
A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance
by Amy Brent

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND FOR CHRISTMAS . . . An all-around read with loss, sorrow, pain, family drama, sweet, chemistry, good characters, good plot line, and secondary characters you want to choke. 

This Christmas will be a bit different from the more recent ones of the past. Amber gets the best gift of all but she tries not to let it show. Amber was a sweet, smart, well adjusted adult. She had the family from the other-side. The way they treated her was just so different from her brother. It was almost an old school process. The unmarried women stayed home with her family. She was not permitted to spread her wings and fly free. She was expected to take care of the family business. She did not just stand still and take the mistreatment but at the same time I felt she could have been firmer in her stance. 

Years ago, Tyler meet the perfect woman. Life circumstances happened and it was all gone. I don't think that Tyler purposely set out to hurt Amber but it happened and seeing her again gave him that chance to correct past mistakes. Once he finds out that his fantasy girl happens to be the little sister of his best friend and business partner, that should of been the time to come clean and tell it all. But no of course that was not how it happened. There was some family drama. How Luke and Tyler stayed friends was just amazing to me. 

Let me just say that Luke was an ass, but at the same time I could understand his viewpoint. Amber was his sister.

He was my first. My everything. My brother's best friend.

Filthy-mouthed, tattooed, arrogant, womanizer.
Tyler knew how to melt my panties... and my heart.
But he disappeared when I needed him.

Now years later, he's back for Christmas as my brother's friend and business partner.
Sitting at my parents' dining room table,
Undressing me with his eyes.
I can't forget the night he took my V-card.
And I wonder what harm would it be to replay that scene now...

It'll be just one more night. 
I'll finally get over him and move on with my life - once and for all, right? 

Now that Santa's making my wish come true, 
I can see my whole world turning upside down. 
Turns out this is the hottest mistake of my life.
And screwed has never felt so good!
***This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included.***
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